Ignition Honda, CB/CX/GL

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After successful production of the MT1 and MT1-3 – as a replacement for the OKI-mps 200 and the NEC ignition modules –  Mark Tronics is releasing a new version for these modules. A new series has been taken into production for the four and two cycle motors where originally the OKI 1-mps or the NEC modules were included. The new series are: CB650, CB 750, CB900, CB1100,CX500, CX650, GL 500, GL650, GL1100 Also see our webpage about suitable MT1-S motors The new module MT1-S has an original aluminum enclosure, provided with a blue status indication LED. Due to the newest technological developments, the new modules generate a spark in a different way than the OKI-mps 200 and the NEC modules were used to. However, the ignition timing will stay exactly the same as the previous modules. This results in lesser flame fronts at the start of the ignition. Therefore the motor is better balanced. The benefits of a better balanced motor : lower fuel consumption noticeable increase of powera better and more equal gas responselower emission of harmful substances like CO, HC and CO2mechanically lesser wear and tear   All together: for an Affordable price Mark Tronics offers a replacement for the OKI-mps 200 and the NEC module.  You not only get a motor that runs more smoothly again, but also a motor with a much better performance.  Mark Tronics can make that happen.